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How to hide my IP address ?

By mike_li555 ·
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When websites are blocked ,how to resolve it to get through local firewall ,thanks ,Merry Christmas !

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Please try again.

by seanferd In reply to How to hide my IP address ...

You have several things going on here which are not entirely related, or something.

"How to hide my IP address?"

If you are trying to hide your real public IP from websites, use a proxy or a VPN or Tor - there are a thousand ways to do this. Hiding your IP is a side effect of a lot of things. Choosing an available proxy address and adding it to the configuration of your browser is easy and quick. Or use a proxy toolbar for FF or similar. Or you can use a free IP-switcher to swap between multiple network settings (you could choose to change just the proxy settings).

"When websites are blocked"

Now, we are getting into a whole different territory. How is it the websites are blocked? Knowing this might let me suggest a way to get around the problem, if appropriate.

Why do you think hiding your IP would help with this?

"how to resolve it to get through local firewall"

Why are you assuming that this is at all related to the other two things?

(Unless you are in a network you don't own trying to get by restrictions set by network policy - well, then, no. Can't help with that.)

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Of course, the OP is in China

by robo_dev In reply to Please try again.

And if the firewall is managed by the government, then merely asking that question has won him a free pass to an extended-stay motel with iron bars over the windows and really bad food.

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Try To Hide Your IP With Frosty vpn

by abdelhamid56 In reply to How to hide my IP address ...

Just A Double Click On The software Icon then chose the server of any country you want and click connect. please, after you download the software scan it with anti virus before use.

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