How to I login to a computer without a local user account

By kristen ·
Recently while troubleshooting a network connectivity problem for a user who is currently out of town I had them remove themselves from our domain. After the laptop was rebooted my user was unable to login because he has only ever logged in under his domain account. We don't know the administrator password because someone else set up the computer and my user can not login to the computer at all.

Is there any way to bypass the login screen, either via safe mode or something else where I can get in to add them back to the domain so they can login?

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by CG IT In reply to How to I login to a compu ...

The user account resides on the domain in Active Directory, not on the local machine.

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by NaughtyMonkey In reply to How to I login to a compu ...

you will have to reinstall. It is very important to use the same admin password on all machines.

edit to add: Users should never have the permissions required to remove a computer from the domain either. Sounds like as a company, a security policy and setup procedures needs to be created.

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Possibly, Nothing to lose

by IC-IT In reply to How to I login to a compu ...

I have never tried this, but ..... If you only had the User Dis-join the system.
I would try booting it with a UBCD4Win CD and use regedit to load the remote software hive. Then traverse the tree to NamedHive\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon

Once there try inputing the Default and cached Domain names in their respective areas. It would help to have a joined machine close by to compare the settings.

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