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How to Identity Virus and clean them

By j4jay_link ·
Pls sometime I my system tells me that there is a virus, pls I want to know how to identify them and clean them.

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How to Identity Virus and clean them

by dmiles In reply to How to Identity Virus and ...

Perform Virus Scans with antivirus programs to ensure that your computer is free of dangerous and harmful viruses.
Virus scans are used to determine if you need to install antivirus programs in order to clean and protect your computer from virus infection. Performing virus scans on a regular basis is a simple task that can be automated with most antivirus programs.

Many of us forget to run virus scans until our computer is infected. Antivirus programs provide the best approach to detect, clean, and protect your computer.

When virus scans detect a virus the antivirus programs isolate the problem area and keep it from performing any further damage. This process can only be automated if you download and install a virus scan program. This takes very little time and effort. A powerful virus can create significant problems on your computer. In some cases they can even stop your computer from functioning. If you have not yet experienced this level of destruction you arelucky! But do not depend on luck to keep you protected. In a few easy steps and within 10 minutes you can install a solid virus detection and protection solution.

Free virus scans deliver virus detection, protection and peace of mind.
Keeping your computer free of harmful viruses is not impossible. Our premier virus detection software partners offer the best virus detection and anti virus solutions. To start you on the road to a virus free computer we also offer free virus scans.

Use the search box to get info on virus software

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How to Identity Virus and clean them

by Thamer In reply to How to Identity Virus and ...

If you are running a good Anti-Virus program in your system, it will usually detects the viruses and offer the functionality to remove them from your system. In your case it seems that you have an anti virus program (??!)installed in your system and it detected a virus. Well,... if it detects a virus then sure this mean that the virus is Known (Idneified) to the program and provide you with a virus name ... Accordingly, the AV program may enable you to clean this virus.

You can search the internet for the virus name to have more information.

Anyhow, ... visit this Symantec page and run, online, their free Virus Detection to check your system for known viruses and Trojan horses... and ... you will have the chance to clean them too.

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How to Identity Virus and clean them

by aquaris In reply to How to Identity Virus and ...

Get a good anti-virus program..

Keep its Defination files updated by regularly visiting its parent site..

..perform a manual scan at least every week...specially after downloading the lasterst defination file for your anti-virus program..
...there are many good anti-virus programs available...check out a good downloads site like..

choose antivirus category...and read the users rating before get it..

hope it helps.

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How to Identity Virus and clean them

by jmetz In reply to How to Identity Virus and ...

When, one is, aware that they might have been infected with a virus/trojan in addition to useing the installed anti virus( if you don't have one, you will be attacked sometime or another) (your anti virus should be updated every week) you can take advantage of the on-lines antivirus services offered by Panda, PcPitstop and others. ( use to search out the best one for you)
They are generally most current, be prepared to spend a reasonable period of time cleansing your system.Now you should also obtain a decent anti trojan as well, many trojans are delivering viruses and keyloggers.
To prevent potential attacks and infections you should install a good firewall program there are a number that are freeware that are quite good for personal use.
Periodally verify that you have not inavdertantly allowed access open to hackers or malious programs by running port scanners on your own system.

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How to Identity Virus and clean them

by Devinefv In reply to How to Identity Virus and ...

Goto Fryes, Comp USA, or somewhere, and get Norton System Works. Get You must make sure your system will boot to the Cd-rom. while system is off, find a paperclip, straighten it out, and carefully put it in that hole in front on the CD-Rom [this will manually open the drive while it is off]. Place system works Cd in, close door and restart system. Hopefully this will start the automatic virus scan and give you the opportunity to rid the system of infections.


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How to Identity Virus and clean them

by wlbowers In reply to How to Identity Virus and ...

Install a good antivirus. Such as the following:


There are more out there but these are the three I trust and they don't mess with your computer any more than they should. (This ought to bring out the howl's.)


There are on the average 300 to 400 virus or virus variations discovered daily.

80% of my computer calls today are virus or trojan related.

Good Luck Lee

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