How to idle a HDD

By Windranger ·
On my desktop PC, beside the main HDD with the master-partition I also use a separate HDD which I actually access quite rarely, say once a week.

So I want to know if there's any application utility out there which can let me stop the HDD when I don't need it running and restart it when I need it.
I want to reduce both the overall power consumption and the wear of the disk.


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by Rob Kuhn In reply to How to idle a HDD

Take a look at this: http://drive-power-manager.software.informer.com/

It was intended for laptop computers but I suppose you could use it for desktops.

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by Windranger In reply to hm...

Thanks, I'll take a look at it!

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Isn't that in power management?

by Slayer_ In reply to How to idle a HDD

The ability to shutdown drives after a certain amount of inactivity?

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by Rob Kuhn In reply to Isn't that in power manag ...

it is but that's more of a "global" power setting. In other words you can't select each one seperately as he wants.

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Idle the hard drive, maybe or maybe not

by gurumentality In reply to How to idle a HDD

Most hard drive now a days are built to last 3 years or more. Instead of finding software to stop the hard drive. Start a raid on your desktop and use the second drive to back up your main hard drive. Building this Raid 1 connection will give you a piece of mine if one of them fails in 3 to 6 years.

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