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How to image a Windows 7 PC with WDS?

By GMcFlyPCGuy ·
I need to create a Windows 7 enterprise edition image. I have done this many of times, but the problem with this OS is that when I install the image, it creates a PC name and add it to a domain. What am I doing wrong in my steps?

My normal process for capturing the image is:

1. Install a fresh copy of Windows 7 Enterprise and put on all the software and apply all the configuration changes. I do not add it to our domain or name the pc.

2. I navigate to the system32 folder and double-click "sysprep". Once the GUI interface comes up, I choose "oobe" and "generalize".

3. The PC then restart and boot from the network "LAN option". I now have 2 options, Image Installation and Capture Image (WDS). I choose Capture Image.

4. I specify a location to save the image and it captures it. I move the file to a folder in the Windows Deployment Server and that is it.

My process to Install the image is:

1) Boot from the network. And select the option "Image Installation".

2) I then choose the image that I previously uploaded. I then have to put in my credentials since I am access a network entity.

3) It installs all the files and restarts.

4) It then goes through the Out-Of-Box-Experience and setups up Windows. It will then ask me for a username but it won't allow me to change the computer name. After this is done, the PC is added to a domain that I didn't specify and it assumes a pc name derived from the credentials that I put in in Step 2.

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