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    How to Implement PGP?


    by cybernetworm ·


    will anyone please tell me how to implement PGP and its requirements(software,hardware,etc.)

    thank you

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      by d.walker5 ·

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      PGP is a security application that uses public-key encryption. What OS, what program e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express. Try, they publish several White Papers you might find useful. Aslo, the Microsoft Knowledge contains serveral articles.

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      by sara l ·

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      I just did a PGP implementation for our Admissions office.

      Disclaimer: This is just one implementation. There may be other ways to implement PGP.

      This is what my institution did:

      We chose to purchase PGP Desktop 8.0.2 from for Windows (there is a version for Macintosh). Go to the Web page, you’ll find the requirements. They’re pretty standard.

      We bought multi-licenses because we needed one for each user. We did not go the enterprise route because we needed it for just one office, 4 computers.

      I installed the software and generated PGP keys through the software. Kept the secring.pkr that’s our key to decrypt docs sent to us. The pubring.pkr I exported through the software app to an *.asc file. Sent that to the org that wanted to share data with us, and they will encrypt documents for us. We did not exchange public keys with them–we just gave them ours. It’s a one-way communcation.

      The hardest part was getting started. I don’t know the international rules on encryption, so you’ll want to find that out if you’re outside the US.

      Good luck.

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      by cybernetworm ·

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