How to import DNS records previously exported to CSV back into Server 2003?

By cchan ·
I have previously exported a lot of DNS records from a DNS server on Windows Server 2003. Now I wish to import those records back into my DNS forward lookup zone. I however cannot find any menu within the MMC that allows me to do that. I am wondering if there is a way for me to import those records without having to enter them manually (there are nearly 100 records involved).

Thanks very much!

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import dns

by arosenblum In reply to How to import DNS records ...

Did you ever find out how to do this? I am trying to do the same (import DNS records) and have not found any information.

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How to "import" records

by acrazysailor In reply to import dns

I did this with a standard primary zone by modifying the .dns file appropriate to the zone and cutting and pasting from the exported file.

The format is pretty straight forward. I haven't checked the AD integrated zone but I believe you can do this there as well.

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This worked for me...

by bull01lay In reply to How to "import" records

Change zone type to Primary - restart dns.
Search for the <zone_name.dns> file
Copy and paste exported zone records directly into it as stated by acrazysailor.
Restart dns.
Change type to AD Integrated - restart dns.

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Worked for me to......except

by gavin.holdstock In reply to This worked for me...

Thanks for this it worked a treat. A point for others, after doing what bull01lay did they did not import until I reloaded the file. That then looks at *.dns and imports the records.

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