how to incorporate two WMIC commands to print results on same line

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I am using WMIC to pull info from a range of IP addresses (also using FOR command to point to range). I can pull User logged in, Model number and Computer Name. I need to be able to pull the Dell SVC Tag and have all the results appear on the same line. The problem is that one uses computersystem as a switch/alias and the other uses csproduct

A basic example of my command so far:
prompt>wmic /node: computersystem get name, username, model

The following command will pull SVC tag:
prompt>wmic /node: csproduct get identifyingnumber

How can I incorporate these two commands so that the results from each IP address are grouped. I am exporting this data to a spreadsheet and each row of the spreadsheet will show USER, COMP NAME, MODEL, and SVC TAG. This will be done for over 100 PCs so it should be as automated as possible.

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Try contacting DELL.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to how to incorporate two WM ...

... and see if they can give you the location of the stored information and how it can be retrieved programatically.

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Thanks for the response but

by knowledgebased In reply to Try contacting DELL...... ...

Thanks for the response but I think this is a question for Windows system admins and programmers. I now know how to pull the service tag I just don't know how to incorporate the two commands above.

They must print the results together so that I can easily view them in Excel.

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by knowledgebased In reply to Thanks for the response ...

anyone using WMI from the command line? I am now thinking about MS Access 03 and pulling data.

What resources can I use to start this project? books, articles, vids, courses?

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