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How to increase MacBook speed?

By Derues ·
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Hey guys!
My MacBook Pro (early 2015, sierra) is running slow. How to fix it?

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Mac speed

by brianwatts25 In reply to How to increase MacBook s ...

You can solve all of your speed problems just by cleaning all the useless files. It's necessary to delete all applications you don't use, old movies etc. Also, you can use cleaning software from time to time, these steps will increase Mac speed

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I don't think anyone stored movies or any content.

by anjali.kulkari097 In reply to Mac speed

I think you should be more specific on what I can do rather than this. What things we can do in technical aspect please mention that things here.

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Tips for increase MacBook speed

by amybros2018 In reply to How to increase MacBook s ...

Tips for increase MacBook speed

1. Close unnecessary apps
2. Use Activity Monitor to identify memory hogs
3. Edit preference panes
4. Stop programs from opening at startup
5. Find out how much space is free
6. Move your photos
7. Empty the trash & downloads
8. Delete old and large files
9. Remove unwanted programs and widgets
10. Make sure your software is up to date
11. Empty your Mac's Caches
12. Empty your Safari cache
13. Repair Permissions on your Mac
14. Turn off visual effects
15. Get rid of desktop clutter
16. Restart regularly
17. Manage Spotlight
18. Make your own Fusion drive
19. Customise the Finder
20. Turn off File Vault encryption

Hope this will help you :)

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How to increase MacBook speed?

by robertosburn6 In reply to How to increase MacBook s ...

You can increase the speed of your macbook by below steps:
1. Find resource-hungry apps and manage them accordingly.
2. Manage your startup items
3. Turn off visual effects
4. Repair disk permissions
5.Close unnecessary apps.
6. Reindex Spotlight
7. Manage syncing photos to iCloud
8. Empty the caches category
9. Uninstall unwanted applications
10. Clean Mac’s hard drive
11. Update your Mac
12. Restart your Mac
13. Reset SMC & PRAM
14. Replace your HDD with SSD
15. Add more RAM
16. Use CleanMyMac 3

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