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How to increase my PC performance?

By Rajesh0007 ·
Hey Guys,
I'm using window 7, my system is running slow. I've did all those which I know to increase the performance of system but that was not effective. So I want to know; is there any tool to increase my PC performance?

Thanks in advance!

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Request for Clarification

by Charles Bundy In reply to Clarifications

Your question does not parse well as I have no idea what you mean by slow. Until we nail down specifics I am at a loss. E.g. Dragging a window around on the screen causes tearing. It takes two minutes to open ms-word.

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what have you done so far?

by markp24 In reply to How to increase my PC per ...


have your done the following?
clean up the temp folders, (maybe us ccleaner)
defragment (maybe use defraggler)
how much disk space is free on the C drive?
have your turned off unneeded services
haveyou removed unneeded startup items (use msconfig orautoruns (

after bootying look at processes running, do you have odd process running

you check for malware and spy ware? dod you check by using a live bood CD like TRK or ubcd4win?

have your

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Increasing performance

by MonkeyKingLopez In reply to How to increase my PC per ...

Some questions you want to ask yourself.
What hardware do you currently have in the PC?
Is your OS (operating system) a 32bit or a 64bit?
What is the speed of the CPU?
How much memory of RAM do you have?
How much memory do you have on your HDD (hard drive)?
and what are the connections between the drives?
depending on what you use the PC for the following questions have to do with speed. if your windows 7 OS is 32bit it can only hold 4GBs of RAM if its 64bit it can hold up to 128GBs of RAM, but it also depends on how many even RAM slot can hold (usually two to four). For CPU speed your gonna want to look at the GHz which is the speed (go to start/right click computer/click on properties and you'll see how much you currently have. If you want a fast processing speed go for 3.00 GHz or more. If you download a lot of music, videos, or other things that might take up space you might want to consider getting a bigger harddrive (100GBs +). as for the connections SCSI connectors are the Fastest but are a bit expensive, but SATA (less expensive) work well.

Other reasons your computer is running slow you might not have a heat sink or fan assembly. this draws the heat away from the cpu and cools it down to run faster.

As for software Disk clean up is always good habit to make daily and defragging right after.

If you have had the PC for a while try cleaning the hard drive components. using only compressed air and isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth any thing else will damage

if the internet is slow try getting a new NIC card (network interface card)

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There is no tool to increase your PC's performance

by robo_dev In reply to How to increase my PC per ...

There are techniques to fix things that slow down the computer.

To be specific about this, did your PC ever run fast?

When you say 'running slow', what does that mean to you? Slow to boot, slow to load web pages, slow to launch certain programs? What programs are you using?

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How to increase my PC performance?

by Devendra Nath In reply to How to increase my PC per ...

There are lots of factors which plays an important role to increase the system performance such as temporary file, browsing history file, disk clean up, disk defragmentation and many more like that. I am using a tool (MindStick Cleaner) nowadays which helped me lot. It is a free charge tool so you can download it easily, you can download it form here???

It might be resolve your problem.

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How to Troubleshoot a slow computer

by RaymondJM4 In reply to How to increase my PC per ...

First, lets divide your system into three parts; Processing, Disk, Memory

Next, lets determine what is actually taking up the majority of your time. Open task manager. You want to observe the performance tab (while doing a task that you feel is slow) and see if either the processor or memory is close to maxed out. If they are not, then look at the hard drive indicator light on your computer to see if its lit solid.

  1. If the processor is maxed out, then you have a program or service that is loading down your computer.
  2. If the memory is maxed out, then you either have a program that is leaking (or gradually comsuming) memory or you do not have enough memory to support your computing needs.
  3. If your hard drive is too active, then its either; a slow/damaged drive (happens with older drives over time); a fragmented (or disorganized file structured) drive; or malware that is reading/writing data to your drive.

From there ask a more specific question.
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by RaymondJM4 In reply to How to increase my PC per ...

To answer your actual question, I agree with robo_dev. There is no tool to increase your PC's performance. Anything you install takes performance away from the computer. On a diesel engine used in Big Rigs, this is call PTO or Power Take Off. The principle behind it is that: The more you add to enhance your system, the more you choke it's performance.

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