how to increase/speed up System performance?

By Naveen@sutherland ·
I would like to know the steps that we need to take to speed up Windows Operated computer.
Apart from deleting Windows temporary files, recent , prefetch files, disk de fragmentation, disk optimization Is there any other steps that really speed up our computer????????

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Disable services you don't need

by robo_dev In reply to how to increase/speed up ...

Disable startup programs you don't need

Make sure there are no network shares you don't need, especially if they do not exist.
Clean out your network neighborhood.
Clean up your temporary files, web cache, etc.
Remove printers you don't need, especially network printers that no longer exist.

Choose your AV software carefully, as some of these use lots of resources

Clean your registry with CC Cleaner

Make sure no virus or malware is there with Malware Bytes

Replace old or failing hardware, as disk drives get slower before they die, and overheating motherboards or video cards are not stable.

Check for driver updates for hardware and bios updates for the PC.

Add RAM if needed.

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Reponse To Answer

by Naveen@sutherland In reply to Disable services you don' ...

First of all I would like to thank you for your suggestions . As you said I always perform a clean boot by disabling start up items and services (except Micro soft services ) and run check disk .

I am a Customer support executive working for Sutherland Global Services. I used to deal with Norton 360 anti virus product.

I would really like to know How to Clean out your network neighborhood.

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what Microsoft OS are you running

by markp24 In reply to how to increase/speed up ...

Is it windows 7 , vista, xp, 2000, etc?

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Ditto the OS Query

by Kenone In reply to how to increase/speed up ...

Without regard to the OS however the best thing to do to speed up your system is add memory. To the OS/System max.

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On the note of memory

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to how to increase/speed up ...

Sure, adding more can help but it's important to use the fastest memory that your motherboard is capable of accepting. For example, if you have an older system that came with DDR2-667 but the motherboard supports DDR2-800 you could see some improvements by throwing out the old memory and installing the maximum capacity of the higher speed memory.

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