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How to increase the memory limit in Windows XP

By shrinivas_kalkeri2000 ·
Actual physical RAM is 512 MB,but in my system properties, it is showing only 256 MB.

Please suggest me the solutions for this issue.

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List the probable causes

by bcpgm In reply to How to increase the memor ...

Your RAM may be actually 256MB instead of 512, the RAM(s) may be nonconforming, the MB may have a limit on each slot or total size, the RAM slot may be bad, the MB may be bad, or the RAMs may have conflicting speeds. These should give you some ideas on how to resolve the problem.

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try this first

by Sue T In reply to List the probable causes

it is very possible that one stick of memory is not installed correctly and all you have to do is take it out and then reinstall it.

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Nice try!

by stargateok In reply to try this first

Not my problem. I don't know about the poster.

I've read that it's a WinXP limitation!

I wish someone would figure out a solution or else I just wasted my money on a moby that supports 16GB and the 8GB of memory I bought. I really don't want to go with Vista because I have read too much bad press on it.
I tried 64 bit but there is no support for it!

We need answers not more questions.

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First off....

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Nice try!

32 bit operating systems only support up to 4 GB. A work around was introduced to allow more memory for 32 bit operating systems. Not sure if anyone other than Windows implemented this since Linux had 64 bit support long ago, so they may not have bothered. 2003 Server SP1 32 bit will support up to 16GB I believe for Standard. Enterprise I believe goes to 32 GB. If you wish to use more than 4 GB, you need either 2003 Server SP1 or a 64 bit OS.

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On Board Video

by TheChas In reply to How to increase the memor ...

If you have on board video that uses "shared" memory, it is possible that 1/2 of your total system memory is dedicated to the video system.

Does the POST screen that counts up memory when you start your computer show 512 MB?

If the POST test also displays 256 MB, then you have either a motherboard with a 256 MB per slot memory limit, or memory that is of a higher density than your motherboard can recognize.

Another possibility is that you have dual channel RAM. When dual channel RAM is running in dual channel mode you effectively have only 1/2 of the RAM showing as available for Windows.


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RAM Size

by shrinivas_kalkeri2000 In reply to On Board Video

I have two RAM slots.I have installed 512 MB DIMM module.In BIOS and POST it shows as 512 MB,but in Windows XP-System Properties, General Tab it shows only 256 MB.

I tried by changing RAM module,but the issue
still exists.

I have installed this RAM module in another machine with same make and model,there it shows as 512 MB in XP-System Property tab.

Please let me know the solution for this.



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Check you BIOS setting

by yqbjohn In reply to On Board Video

Did you share 256M to your video card in your BIOS setting?

Could you check it firstly? Since your POST have 512M, that means your box can recognize all your memory slots. The only thing wrong must be that 256M is sharing by other hardware.

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What is your config?

by jdclyde In reply to How to increase the memor ...

What is the CPU?
How many slots do you have for RAM?
How many are full?
What is the speed of the memory?

many older systems will not take over 256 on a single stick.

Also on older systems, if the systme needs pc100 and you put in pc133, the pc133 will not be recognised if it is over 128.

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PC100 to PC133 compatability

by john.long In reply to What is your config?

Hello, You had stated, "Also on older systems, if the systme needs pc100 and you put in pc133, the pc133 will not be recognised if it is over 128. "
Below is a previously used description of a problem I'm having. It appears to be what you described. Now that I own 2 new 256MB PC133 sticks, do you know why they are only compatable to 128MB each, or did you mean total used on the system? Or... Given the laptop, does this possibly not apply to me and I'm facing another problem? Thank you very much for your time - Jack

" Hi, I have a Windows ME (moving to XP once the RAM works) based HP Pavilion n5490 laptop. It currently has two sticks of PC133 128MB for a total of 256MB. I have two new sticks of PC133 256MB from Crucial. I wanted to upgrade to 512MB. Neither stick will work. I'm trying to figure out where I'm going wrong. I see many websites suggesting anywhere from PC100 only at a max of 512MB to PC133 at a max of 1024MB/1GB. It has already been running a total of 256MB (128MB PC133 X 2) of PC133 successfully for the past several years, so I?m ignoring the PC100 only criteria, but the websites do all agree that I can put at least 512MB in that laptop."

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