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How to increase the speed of computer?

By shaunakd ·

I am facing problem regarding speed in my PC when accessing Internet. Please help me to increase it.

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to How to increase the speed ...

That may be problem of your ADSL connection speed.
If not, give more details.

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You can

by patb071 In reply to How to increase the speed ...

add more ram, run virus scans, upgrade your processor, install a fresh OS,

What have you done and is it just opening the Internet you are seeing slow performance?

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Couple of options...

by Bapster In reply to You can

Try using Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari for faster browsing, add ram (as mentioned before. Also, change the performance settings in Windows, Control Panel, System, Advanced, Perfomance choose(adjust for best performance setting)

Or for a drastic change, install a Linux distro, like Ubuntu!

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You don't give us much to work with do you?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to increase the speed ...

Start with the simple things Clear the Temp Files particularly the Temporary Internet Files Folder and any of the other Temp Folders.

Defrag the system several times and then open the Device Manager and make sure that whatever you are using to connect to the Net is set for best performance. So if you are using Dial Up set the Modem speed to 9600 for a 56K Modem and also open he Com Ports and set those to a higher speed than the default speed.

If you are using Ethernet to connect to the Modem make sure that it is properly configured and set tot he best performance.

If you are using USB to connect to the modem make sure that you have the right version of Windows Installed to get full USB2 support assuming that your M'Board supports USB2 Specifications. So if you have the original XP installed install SP2.

If that is not your problem then the next thing to do is as stated above install More RAM but here you need to remember that 32 Bit OS's of any kind can not support more than 3.2 GIG of System RAM so if you have a Dual Chanel M'Board install 2 X 2 GIG identical RAM Modules int he correct sockets for Dual Chanel Mode Operation. If you have a Triple Chanel M'Board install 3 X 1 GIG identical RAM Modules to get the best performance that the M'Board can produce. Correctly configuring/installing the RAM will improve the performance more and be cheaper than replacing the CPU with a faster one and give a better end user experience.

If it's still not fast enough after that provided that the OS hasn't been corrupted/infected or so on you can install the fastest CPU that your M'Board will support and if it's still not fast enough you can buy a new High End Computer.


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