How to Install 2 lan card on RedHat 9 Linux

By harisikram ·

I have installed ReHat linux 9 on my system, currenly i have connected one lan card of (RealTec 8139 series) on eth0.

i have connected another lan card (balyan) but i have some problems with it, Problem is that when i start the linux it detected the lan card and give me option to configure, i gave it IP and mask and start it,

But after this my perivous lan card stoped working,

Hardware browser shows 2 lan card connected in system, but in network configration only 1 card is active.

Please tell me how can i use both lan cards in system,,


Muhammad Haris Ikram

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Re: How to Install 2 lan card on RedHat 9 Linux

by forhire In reply to How to Install 2 lan card ...

You can edit the /etc/sysconfig/network/iface-eth* files with the appropriate information. If you want one interface that is the default route (all foreign subnets go there) then use the gateway option. If your second network interface is only for local traffic, you don't need a gateway on that interface.

If you get more complicated than that, you may need to do a route add -net ... gw ... command and add the subnet you want. You were not specific in what you're trying to accomplish with 2 NICs in your system, so my statements are fairly general.

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brother if you say that both lan card are used in unix this is not posible

by seema_karim786 In reply to How to Install 2 lan card ...

if this is also right so no one use switch lan you under stand brother.

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NIC configuration in linux

by rajsrmc In reply to How to Install 2 lan card ...

assign diff IPs for the two nic cards and name it as eht0 and eth1

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