How to install and configure a linux server

By kiennt78 ·
Dear All,

Because to rent a host is expensive for private site. I want to install a linux server then buy a domain and domain point to my server.

My English is not good.

Thanks for any help

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Well the first thing you need to do is work out

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to install and config ...

What type of Linux you want to use and what Packages you need loaded.

ISP's normally use some form of Linux to run their servers so depending on what you want to do it may be a starting point as to what you require in an OS and Applications.

From my very limited experience here the few ISP's that I do work for use a form of Red Hat. The new version of this is now called Fedora while Red Hat is the paid for Enterprise version. Fedora is available for download here


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Please tell me more

by kiennt78 In reply to Well the first thing you ...

Dear OH Smeg,
Thanks for your help

I want to tell you more about my experiences that you can understand more about my question.
You're right, I need an Linux OS ==> Fedora. After install OS, what're packets should I install? and How to install? because I've got a litter experience about Linux OS.
I want to install linux on my pc then configure os to become a personal server that I can access any where from internet (after buy a domain then point to my personal server) so my pc become a hosting --> that's all I need.
I will create a website that introduce about my self and share some informations that I can download from any pc (connected internet)

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Well in that case just the base install of any Linux should do

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Please tell me more

You don't need anything special added to the Base Install.

But it might be a better idea to have a Play with several Different Distro's first and get a feel for the Beast. Different people prefer different Distro's so there is no hard and fast rule here but things like




PC Linux OS

would all be good to use to see which you like best.

Packages for Linux are applications and come in 1 of 2 ways a RPM which is a Red Hat Package Management or Tar.

Most newcomers to Linux prefer the RPM type installation as it's easier for Windows users.

Places like Planet Mirror and Source Forge are also good places to look also for not only programs but complete Distro's.

Then places like Distro Watch is a good general purpose starting point for Newcomers to Linux as it proves helpful to many

There are also various Linux User Groups scattered around thew world and you can look up one in a country near you so you will get close to Real Time Help

I hope something there gives you a starting point to work from


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CentOS is a better alternative to Fedora ona server

by Dumphrey In reply to Well the first thing you ...

since its a stable clone of RedHat Enterprise as opposed to a testing distro.
Look here for some good set up instructions.

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