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    How to install Darwin Streaming Server on Windows Vista


    by dtramarao ·


    I am a newbie to the streaming servers. I’ve successfully installed Darwin Streaming Server5.5 on windows XP after installing the ActivePerl5.8. I was able to login to the rstp://myserver:1220/ when i’ve installed both the setup in this case. But unfotunately my project has been shifted to Windows Vista environment.

    when i tried to install both of these on Windows Vista I’m getting error as “Can’t find c:\program files \ darwin streaming server\”
    Perl is not installed properly.

    Though I have got administrator rights and running these setup in Administrator Mode(Run as Administrator), i’m getting messages “Access is denied” and no files are copied, when running the Darwin Install batch file.

    Below is the error message that i’ve got after redoing the process again

    The Darwin Streaming Server has been installed.
    Launching the web based Streaming Admin Server
    *** Closing this window will stop the Streaming Admin Server. ***
    Can’t open perl script “c:\Program Files\Darwin Streaming Server\streamingadmins”: No such file or directory
    Perl is not properly installed on your system.
    This installer requires Perl to run the Streaming Admin Server.

    If you wish to use the web admin user interface to configure Darwin
    Streaming Server, you will need to perform the following steps.

    See the readme file on installing Perl.
    Please make sure the path to the Perl interpreter is in your system path
    and run

    c:\Program Files\Darwin Streaming Server\

    from the command prompt.
    Press any key to continue . . .

    Pls help me on this. I’m in a great urgency to configure the server and start working on it.

    Thanks in advance

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