How to install new larger drives inside old working enclosures?

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Hello. Because of the nature of my work I have plenty of hard drives. At least 5-7 of them are old LaCie FW800/eSATA/USB ones that have 1TB drives inside.

I want to swap the 1TB drives inside with new 4/8TB ones. The enclosures are all working fine. How do I do this?

Why do I ask: I have installed drives in enclosures before, but this time when I put a new 8TB disk in the old enclosure,. everything fit fine, but the drive/enclosure doesn't power on. I thought it would be the new 8TB so I put the old 1TB back in, and it still doesn't power on. It did before the swap. I double and triple checked, I have connected all cables/plugs/ports. Could I be doing something wrong? Maybe these circuits can't take new 8TB drives? How do I find out/fix this?

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Not perfectly sure but here I think you'll find the problem is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to install new larger ...

That the Chipset inside the enclosure doesn't support drives that big. Most of the 1 TB Enclosures only had chipsets that supported 2 TB Drives and they where the SATA ones the IDE Drives inside some enclosures are even more limited in the size that they can use.

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