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how to install os using external usb cd rom drive

By karlincurrent ·
well want to know really how to install an bootalbe os using an external cd-rom drive. Reason is that, I have a laptop with no cd-rom suport and wanting to load windows xp. now when ever i try to boot from the external cd-rom is hard to take from there it tells me no bootable drive found. So will likely need a help.

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Change device boot order in BIOS

by Why Me Worry? In reply to how to install os using e ...

I'm assuming your primary boot device is most likely the internal hard drive, followed by floppy drive, NIC, or external devices. Make the external device your primary boot device and you should be able to boot off the external CDROM drive with XP.

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is this a Dell?

by adifferentdriver In reply to how to install os using e ...

By chance is this a Dell laptop like a C400 you are attempting this on?

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Same Problem

by bigbaddave15 In reply to is this a Dell?

I noticed you posted in response to a question from a user who couldn't install an OS because he didn't have a cd rom drive. I actually have the same situation, and yes, mine is a dell c400. I just purchased it off ebay, and it said it didnt include a cd rom drive. I figured it supported one though, and i could put one in, but there is no bay. I tried booting from an external usb cd rom drive but no luck. Also, i installed the OS on the hard drive I want to use while having the hard drive in another computer, then put the hard drive in the c400 but it doesnt make it past the windows 2000 splash screen and has a boot error. Any ideas?

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C400 Dell ,

by qib In reply to Same Problem

i too have this one and i too have reached where you were may be long time ago , what about booting and comman.com file on the hard drive , have back i386 folder and smartdrv u will need to run the process quickly i am sure it will solve you problem ,

One Winsome.

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Been awhile since follow-up

by adifferentdriver In reply to is this a Dell?

I bought the external units for the
C-400, being it was the most direct route to installing an os or any other software as well later on down the road. If the USB device is not detected in bios, its not going to work on the boot, and in this case, the C400 did not detect the external usb cd/dvd in bios. I also tried a usb converter-transfer device with another hardrive - no go. you need the dell external devices as far as I can tell unless you can get dos to recognize any transfer device upon boot.

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have you tried duse

by mchibuye In reply to how to install os using e ...

you can download a dos utility called duse off the internet. after you boot in dos using a startup diskette you can play around with duse until you get it right. I also found a site that has an already made diskette image that you can download http://www.stefan2000.com/darkehorse/PC/DOS/Drivers/USB/

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