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How to install OS without CDROM from DOS

By an_it_guy ·
Hi All,
Recently the hard-disk of my Sony notebook (PCG-R505TSK) crashed. The docking station has a floppy & a CD-ROM drive. The CDROM is no longer detected and I dont know how to install Windows on it
I bought a new 20GB HDD, got a Win98 bootable floppy, formatted the 20GB and transferred DOS to it. Tried installing various CD-ROM drivers, but no use. The BIOS doesn't recognise it, whereas the floppy drive, serial, parallel & network ports on the dockin-stn are identified!
How do I install windows on this system without spending a lot of money buying external CD Drive etc.
I have Network boot option in BIOS, how do i use it to point to a network pc having shared CDROM?
Or any other method to get the installation done?
Any help will be appreciated. Thankyou.

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by TheChas In reply to How to install OS without ...

Here is a trick that I use for most installations.

Use a 2.5" to 3.5" drive adapter kit to temporarily mount the hard drive on a desktop.
Create a folder on the drive (I use Win9.
Copy the CD to the folder.

Place the drive back into the laptop.
Boot to the DOS prompt.
Browse to the Win98 folder.

Run setup.

1 advantage of this is that you NEVER need to use the Windows CD for any software or hardware install.


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by an_it_guy In reply to

Ok, will try to find this kit (i checked it online, and got the idea of what exactly u r saying, but the place i m at, its not so easy to find uncommon stuff like this.) Meanwhile, do you know how to carry out a network install?
Thanks for your quick response.

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by kimscomputing In reply to How to install OS without ...

CompUSA sells 2.5" External Hard Drive Enclosures for about $30.00 (I got one for $20 on sale last month). You can connect it to your network computer by usb and then copy the cd to the USB Connected Hard Drive (Remember the Folder Name). Then you can put it back in the computer and in dos choose the c:win98 cd folder and type setup. -

Now if you can either take back the enclosure or save it for next time.

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by TheChas In reply to How to install OS without ...

I get my adapters from

They are the cheapest I have come across.

For a network install, you need a network boot disk.

Take a look at Bart's network boot disk from the link at
I think it will do what you need.


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by tamj123 In reply to How to install OS without ...

does your notebook have a build in or PCMCIA network card? if does, then download a network boot disk from

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by palin In reply to How to install OS without ...

I do have a question about your Sony. Prior to your hard-disk crashing, did you install Nero Burning Rom? Using Nero Burning Rom may have damaged your docking station? Is this correct? Sony and Ahead software are investigating a compatibility issue between the docking station and the CD burning software. Your optical drive won't be visible in "My Computer" let me know.

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by Q2Ggirl In reply to How to install OS without ...

Use the Win98 CD to make a bootable startup disk. You can boot from the floppy and it will contain about three or four different generic CD ROM drivers that will allow you to install Win98 from the CD.

There is an authentic Windows floppy that use to come with the system if you have one. If not just make one and go.

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