How to install patches?

By lok_f5b99 ·
My company had around 40 windows pc, but they all are not connected to internet, so it cannot autoupdate patches..

for me, i need to download all the patches and install 1 by 1.

Is there a better way to install patches?

i found in to create a .bat file as show below

@echo off
set PATHTOFIXES=Drive:\Update
%PATHTOFIXES%\WindowsServer2003-KB######-Platform-LLL.exe /Z /U
%PATHTOFIXES%\WindowsServer2003-KB######-Platform-LLL.exe /Z /U
%PATHTOFIXES%\WindowsServer2003-KB######-Platform-LLL.exe /Z /U

The problem with this script is that when ever there are new pacthes i need to change it every time, how to set it to install all the patches without modified the script agian and again..

Is there another way to install patches? Please advice...

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Auto patching

by p.j.hutchison In reply to How to install patches?

If you have a Windows server in your company then I suggest you install WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) which can download and deploy patches to your PCs automatically. The server will need internet access but not the PCs.

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I manager don't allowed me to access the server

by lok_f5b99 In reply to Auto patching

i know ablout WSUS, but my stupit manager don't allowed me to use it, in another words i don't have the authority......

My stuoit manager can only create a folder in the server and put the pathes there.....

Any other suggestion??

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Another server

by p.j.hutchison In reply to I manager don't allowed m ...

You could set up a second server which you DO have control over.

Otherwise the only other method is to visit every pc to deploy patches or allow PCs access to the web (you can restrict which websites PCs have access using a Proxy or ISA server or Firewall).

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