how to install remove linux 8.0 completely and install XP

By jatin.j.gohel ·

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New install

by p.j.hutchison In reply to how to install remove lin ...

Boot off the XP CD as if you were installing XP again until you get to the disk setup windows. Delete any partitions you find.

If you do not have a proper XP Cd, get a dos boot disk (you can create one in XP), then copy Ranish partitioning s/w on it (see off the disk and use the tool to delete any existing partitions.

Now, install the other OS from CD as normal.

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The easiest way is to use a wiping utility

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to how to install remove lin ...

To erase the HDD. Any Linux will by default install at least 3 partitions so it gets a bit messy removing them individually. It's easier to wipe the HDD with a utility that writes zero's to every sector. Something like Boot & Nuke will do the job easily and is available here

Once you have the drive wiped all that is required is to drop in the XP Cd boot off that and format up the HDD the way that you want it in the setup and the just allow the installer to run it's course.


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Re: The easiest way is to use a wiping utility

by c157pm In reply to The easiest way is to use ...

Hi, I used the Auto Nook in my Minilaptop with Linux Limpus. I installed the autonook in my USB and boot it up but I encountered error. It says "Boot Error". I already set via bios the boot to USB but the same error. What should I do? Please help! I don't like Linux, I don'e know how to operate it.

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I suggest you take care in your endeavour, because ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Re: The easiest way is to ...

There is NO GUARANTEE that XP will install onto your system.

From this thread and from you other initial post, I have the opinion that you have simply decided to turn your back on Linux 'because you don't like it' - assuming (blindly in my opinion) that Windows XP will install quite happily.

There is no guarantee that it is even possible to install XP on your system! While you still have Linux installed and working on it, you seriously need to take stock of all the components of your system and check if you can get XP drivers for each and every component BEFORE you commit yourself to getting rid of Linux.

If it turns out that XP WILL NOT install and run on your system, and you have already deleted Linux, you'll end up with a small form factor paperweight.

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And even worse if XP Home does install

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I suggest you take care i ...

The unit will be so painfully slow that you will be wishing that you had of kept the Default Linux.

Of course listing the Hardware wouldn't hurt either.


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