How to install seagate barracuda in Asus Mobo

By sithavenger ·
My brother recently gave me his old PC. It has an old asus a7n8x-e deluxe mobo. Unfortunatly there was no hard drive as the previous one broke. I purchased a seagate barracuda 7200.12 250gb sata HD, connected it but when I try to install windows xp it says there is no hard drive. I am not very techy and have never tried this before so was wondering if someone could give me a little advice on how to succesfully instal the drive..

Many Thanks!

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Look in BIOS setup

by seanferd In reply to How to install seagate ba ...

to see if the drive is correctly recognized.

You will have to have the Asus drivers handy - at least the ones for the SATA/RAID controller. During setup, XP will ask you to press F8 to install any necessary drivers - do so.

If you don't have the mobo driver disk, get at least the SATA controller driver from the Asus site so you can install the OS.

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Sata Drivers driving me mad

by sithavenger In reply to Look in BIOS setup

Thanks for the reply. I do have a motherboard CD but I cannot seem to use it as XP asks me to insert the disk into drive A (floppy). I downloaded some files for sata driver for my motherboard and copied them onto floppy disk but when I insert it into the PC and press enter it just checks the disk and keeps telling me to insert the manufacturers disk over and over.. It is very frustrating as every time I seem to be getting somewhere another stumbling block appears and I am back to square 1. Could you please possibly look at the asus site where I am dl'ing the files from and see what exactly I need on the diskette as it doesn't tell me there which file I need to copy..

Many Thanks in advance.

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Help needed

by sithavenger In reply to Sata Drivers driving me m ...

I know that you are all very busy people, but I am sure at least one if you knows how to fix this issue and help me on my way

Look forward to hearing from you soon...

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Your cry

by santeewelding In reply to Help needed

Does not go un-noted.

The people very busy here are busy learning -- which you appear not to be doing -- in depth, unlike your questions dated the same as your membership.

You come, it seems, in and out according to your fleeting convenience, wondering why they don't drop everything for you.

Probably because you represent too much work, work you have yet to do yourself.

Speaking of which, I've already spent too much on you.

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Help needed

by balge In reply to Help needed

still got one of these mobos, seem to recall a few probs when I converted to SATA HDD.
first off -


the SATA drivers are listed under IDE...I don't know why either...
I found it easiest to slipstream an XP disk using NLite -


but you could try using a floppy.
Unzip the files and see if there's any instructions with them
Seem to recall there are several revisions of that board so check that too
Might be F6 to instal the drivers
Check the BIOS settings to ensure you have the correct SATA channel selected and listed as boot drive etc.
The manual for this board is quite good too.

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