how to install win2k3 64 bits on dell gx 620

By sachin2061982 ·
I am trying to install win2k3;ee 64 bits on Dell gx620, although it shows on dell site that this hardware is not supporting the o.s but someone from my company already installed 64 bits on the same server, i just reinstall it with 32 bits. but i want 64 bits on this server, pls help.


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Well a couple of things first

by OH Smeg In reply to how to install win2k3 64 ...

This is a Desktop not a Server computer so you will need to make changes and increase the amount of RAM at the very least.

While the CPU's in this unit do support 64 Bit OS's the M'Board may not. Dell made these for quite some time and they used different M'Boards over the production life of this model. So it is possible that some support the 64 BIT Architecture and others do not. It all depends on the M'Board and who made it and when it was made. The only way to be 100% positive if this particular unit will support the 64 Bit Architecture is to enter Dell's Service Tag into Dell Web Site and look at the specifications of this particular computer not the entire model range. Even that depends on no parts being fitted that where not supplied by Dell so it's not even 100% effective.

If Dell say that this will not support the 64 Bit Architecture it probably will not from the Design Level but it most certainly Will Not from the driver level as Dell Will Not have any 64 Bit Drivers for this unit. The only way to proceed here is to open the Device Manager make a complete list of the Hardware in use and see if you can find 64 Bit Drivers for it. If there is any that you can not find Drivers for that will not work correctly when you load the 64 Bit OS so depending on what it is you can either chose to Live with it or if that is unsuitable you can write the 64 Bit Drivers yourself as that will be about the only way to get them.

Now that you have a basic idea of what is involved all you have to do is wipe the HDD drop the Install Disc into the Optical Drive and start the computer Booting off the Optical Drive and follow the Prompts provided by the Windows Installer. Provided there are no critical components without 64 Bit support and the M'Board Architecture supports 64 Bit OS you should at the very least be able to load the Default Drivers supplied on the M$ Windows Server Install Disc.

When it is finished you'll have sort of a working 64 Bit OS loaded onto this system. You will of course have to install all of the required 64 Bit Drivers after you finish installing the OS.


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