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    How to install Windows XP?


    by dotzs ·

    I would like to install Windows XP Pro into my SCSI Hard disk on my workstation. But the windows setup didn’t detect my SCSI Harddisk drive! So, what to do? And what the steps needed?
    And my workstation is with the SCSI adapter, so once after i reinstalled the Windows, does it automatically detect the HDD?
    Thanks a lot!

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      Reply To: How to install Windows XP?

      by mytech ·

      In reply to How to install Windows XP?

      u should have the driver for scsi adptor in a floppy disk,when u will install win xp.first boot the sytem by xp os cd…..& at the the very first step some lines will change on taskbar ……then press F6 or F2 ,as u read .to install a scsi driver.

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      Reply To: How to install Windows XP?

      by pleclaire ·

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      If you do not have a floppy drive or your usb key is not accepted by microsoft, you can slipstream a disk with whatever updates and drivers you need. Just google Slipstream xp disk.

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      Reply To: How to install Windows XP?

      by fungus-among-us ·

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      Deepak3i is right. You need to load the driver for the SCSI adapter during the Windows XP setup process. Find the Brand and model number of the SCSI adapter. Download and uncompress (if needed) the driver files, then save them to a floppy. One of the first questions Windows setup asks (at the bottom of the screen), is if you need to load additional drivers. At this point in time, press the F6 key, you will not get confirmation if you pressed it in time or not. When Windows is ready to copy files, it will detect hard drives available to it. If it cannot detect an IDE drive, it will prompt you for a driver disk (assuming you pressed the key in time during the start of the install). Once Windows loads the adapter driver you provided, it can then see the SCSI disk attached to that adapter.

      Good Luck

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        Installing XP Pro to SCSI HD

        by jimwestberry ·

        In reply to Reply To: How to install Windows XP?

        Fungus-a-u: Not as simple as it sounds. What the Win XP Pro install CD says when pressing F-6 during text setup session is:
        “TXTSETUP.OEM not found”.
        I’ve searched every combination I can think of and have not yet found a way to edit TXTSETUP.OEM to include the Windows SCSI Driver. I do not have (or can’t find) the original IBM SCSI setup disk, which I assume has the correct TXTSETUP.OEM file on it.
        I’m trying to install a clean XPSP2 Pro on the SCSI drive, so I can check with a clean install why my eSATA drive hangs the entire system when copying large files to it through Windows Explorer. I’ve eliminated any HD errors and defects, and I CAN render large AVI files to the eSATA drive and they work fine. PSD and other files copied okay, but are corrupted, and not recognized by Photoshop or the appropriate app.
        Please help if you can.

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