How to install XP after Vista is already installed?

By eng.ola ·
Hello guys..
I have windows vista installed on PC, and my manager asked me to install windows xp too.. he wants two operating systems for educational purposes.
I don't want to format the PC's and install XP then Vista, because I set all the programs I need on Vista, and I have so many PC's to do this operation on.
Anyway, what is the technique so that I can boot from both OS's without losing access to vista and how to make one of them active disk??
Thanks in advance

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by eng.ola In reply to Here is an excellent link

Done successfuly ...
Thanks a lot for your advice :)

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one more problem !!

by eng.ola In reply to Thanks..

Here I'm again...
According to the same topic... when I installed Win XP and use the EasyBCD program from within XP... everything went fine.
BUT, as I have 32 computers to repeat the same action on... I used Norton Ghost imaging tool, and copied the image to one partition, then restored it to the specific partition (of XP)
When I finished and restarted the PC, it loaded Vista directly, so I used EasyBCD from within Visa to fix the boot, restarted the PC, andI got the two OS's in the black boot screen.
But, when I tried to choose XP, it kept asking me about missing NTLDR file, so, I copied the file using Win XP repair CD... but uselessly
Now, should I install XP on each PC alone, or is there any way to make use of the Ghost image that contains XP and all programs and settings that I need.
Sorry for the long details, but this my case and I seek the solution from you guys.
Thanks :)

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By the sounds of your description

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to one more problem !!

You have not cloned the entire HDD with XP on it just a Portion of it.

The missing file will be on the portion of the drive that was not cloned and be there.

Sorry but from my reading of your question I thought you wanted to delete the Vista install completely and install Windows XP only not Dual Boot Vista and XP.

To do that you'll need to Clone/Ghost the entire Drive in 2 sections/Images if there are 2 partitions on the drive and then restore the Vista Partition First then the XP Partition to have 2 working OS's.


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How many PC's are involved here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to install XP after V ...

If you have Volume License products and all the hardware is the same it would be easier to make one and then clone the HDD to the remainder of the Units.

Even if you don't have M$ Volume License Product for the Vista and XP as well as any Office products you could always use Key Finder to change the Product Keys tot he necessary ones.

As for making the first image you need to shrink the Partition down so use something like G Parted

To alter the existing Partition Size if you do not already have a product to do this. then Install XP to the Unused part of the HDD.

To clone the HDD you can use any cloning utility that you have or if you need to buy one Acronis

Or if you want a free option Clonezilla

Of course if the hardware is all different it makes things harder and much slower.


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