How to isolate subnets so that DHCP requests don't pass over

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I have two physically separated buildings which I would like to connect together via a wireless link. The two building each have their own respective subnets - 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x. I have a DHCP server on each physical subnet. Currently a VPN connects the two buildings but I would prefer to run traffic through a wiress connection to speed things up and avoid going through the internet. My problem is that when I establish the wireless connection sometimes clients grab an ip from the DHCP server in the other building and this causes many issues. How can I stop the DHCP requests from going from one building to another? I have a couple of Windows 2003 server which I can multi-home but if this is the answer I need some detailed instructions on how to set this up. Thanks in advance.

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Why connect them together then?

by CG IT In reply to How to isolate subnets so ...

computers from one subnet wishing to obtain access to resources on another subnet though VPN require an address on the subnet they wish to gain access to. DHCP relay agent and a pool in RRAS usually handle this. The remote access DHCP pool of addresses are typically seperate from the regular pool of address for local users though the use of reservations. you reserve a pool of enough addresses to provide remote users a local address to gain acess to resources.

So, the real problem is that it sounds like whomever setup RRAS and the VPN, didn't create a pool of addresses for remote access users and reserve them in DHCP soley for remote access users.

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