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How To Issue for Report in VFP 6.0

By sjvfp ·
I am working up a report to pull information off of our databases to help automate the faxes and emailing of invoice information for PO's to customers. It's close but here is my hang-up. I have all the information appended into three files, then brought together with a query. My report has the data grouped together by invoice# with general information which there is only one record of per invoice in the group header. In the detail section of the report, I have the line item information from the invoices which can be multiple lines per invoice along with a field(s) from invoice notes which can also have multiples depending on how many lines of notes were on the invoice. It works fine if there is only one line item, it prints the line item plus the notes. If there is more than one line item, it prints the notes next to each of the line items (even when I click the option to not include repeated information). When I try to put the note field in the summary section either above or below the detail I only get one line of notes instead of however many there are. Any suggestions on what I can do here?

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by Jerom In reply to How To Issue for Report i ...

I?m not sure how is your data structure, are there many notes for each item in invoice?, well maybe help if you create a new group for item and put item information into the group header and notes into detail, good luck, Jorge

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by sjvfp In reply to How To Issue for Report i ...

The parent file has 1 record for each invoice. 1 child file has multiple records for each invoice depending on the # of line items, the 2nd child file has 1 record for each line of note per invoice (i.e. if an invoice has a note with 5 lines of information there would be 5 records with an invoice # field and a comment field.
I tried adding additional groups but this is where the problem comes in, with the 'comment' field in the detail section all records are displayed, but it comes up after each item. When placing the "comment" in a summary section I only get 1 record of 'comments' associated with the invoice #? I also turned off the repeat duplicate feature, however with each note field being different I imagine it doesn't see the 'group' of them as duplicates. I wonder if it is possible to attach the records together and store it as a memory variable (or array) and call it back in a different section of the report? I think I'll try that.

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