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How to join 2 diff subnets w/out router?

By info ·
Hi! I'm new to routing and subnetting. I do, however, need to find a solution for our company's requirements regarding the merging of two networks within the office. We are currently using in our LAN ( I would refer to as LAN A) but another office would like to share a single Win2003 server with us and it happened that their subnet is ( I would refer to this one as LAN B). Both uses mask. LAN A connects to the internet using the DNS number: while LAN B accesses the Internet via DNS: I would be setting up this Win2003 server as an Active Directory Primary Domain and would also use it as an anti-virus server for Norton CE 10. I wonder if this can be done without the need of a router. Or if a router is, indeed, necessary, would you point me out the requirements and steps to go about it. Thank you!

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by rmastiyev In reply to How to join 2 diff subnet ...

Create a VPN user account on the Windows Server 2003, and configure the gateway machine in LAN B to connect to the LAN A. Once connected to the remote LAN A, you can set the connection to be bridged, routed, etc. depending on the OS of your gateway machine in LAN B.

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by info In reply to How to join 2 diff subnet ...

By the way, a colleague advised me to try the method of getting another NIC (Lan Card), set it up into the Win 2003 server so that it has 2 NIC's. One of the NIC's should be configured with the IP while the other gets He claims that doing this, both segments could then access the server resources without necessary being able to connect to each other. Kindly give some comments.

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by BobTheITBuilder In reply to How to join 2 diff subnet ...

You might be able to put a second NIC in the server and give it a valid IP for the second subnet. Should be no need to change your public DNS settings.

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by CG IT In reply to How to join 2 diff subnet ...

If your going to an Active Directory environment, and the server you'll share is a member server of the domain then the second office user accounts must also be in Active Directory [remote user, domain user] to gain access to resources.

Since you mention merger, is the second office and Active Directory based network?

Personally, I'd get a managed switch and VLAN [Netgear has them that are reasonably priced]. Since both networks should already have switches, Adding in or replacing the switches with managed VLAN capable would solve many ills without messing with their WAN links.

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by info In reply to How to join 2 diff subnet ...

Thank you for your comments so far. I'd like to add this info regarding concerns on the WAN links. It so happened that Segment A uses a VSAT connection and Segment B uses another separate VSAT connection for its Internet access. Each Segment pays the VSAT link separately, therefore, their Internet usage is being paid for independently. This means that I wouldn't have to modify their DNS settings; only the IP and subnet settings to allow both segments to communicate with each other, say, changing the subnet mask to and retaining the IP subnets for each segment. At the same time, putting 2 NIC's into the Win2003 server machine to allow two IP subnets access. Doing this, I would probably achieve the following things: 1. Segment A continues to access the Internet using the same DNS settings. 2. Segment B does the same. 3. Both segments can then see each other using the Subnet mask 4. Both segments can then access the Win2003 server and its Active Directory service.

All this without really acquiring another network equipment which our management initially requests to avoid.

Please comment if this arrangment would be plausible.

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by lamczyknic3000 In reply to How to join 2 diff subnet ...

Unfortunately you would have to go with a VPN because routers are designed to split networks into subnets.

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