How to kill multiple (and/or unwanted) connections to my router?

By Kevinbanks71 ·
I'm new to networking. I am using a Cisco 2611XM <ver. 12.4(9)> router. I am using the 'show users' command to detect users and using the 'clear line vty 2' (for example) command to clear one individual connection. What can I do to clear multiple (or ALL) connections at one time? Thanks

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How do you have unwanted connections in the first place?

by seanferd In reply to How to kill multiple (and ...

May be good to start there.

As to ios commands, I'd look at the reference for the command you are currently using to see what other switches or arguments are available.

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Thank you, Seanferd

by Kevinbanks71 In reply to How do you have unwanted ...

I am a member of my schools cyberdefense team and we are preparing for a Collegiate Cyberdefense competition. As such, the "offending" team will be trying to penetrate our network (routers, switches, PIX), windows and linux servers. Rebooting the equipment loses us points. Keeping the "offending" team out of our equipment gives us the most points. However, we get a few points for identifying the threat and then removing it. However, rebooting the devices takes points away. Rebooting is only an option in the MOST EXTREME case (but it is still an option if I'm unsuccessful in my research). Keeping the "offenders" out is the task at hand but that are PROFESSIONALS in this arena on a day-to-day basis. I (and my team members) however are students (smile), doing the best we can. It would be optimistic to think we can KEEP THEM OUT but I'm not sure it is realistic. I have other scripts in place to work toward that goal. In the event they are NOT successful, I will need to get them out without lossing points.

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reboot ususally does the trick...

by CG IT In reply to How to kill multiple (and ...

then password protect all your lines and limit the number of lines that can be used.

also, verify the timeouts ...

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