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How to kill process?

By rease ·
I have 2 adware progs on my pc running any tool i used didnt find them i know where they are located
under my program folder\gpl bold\extra error slow.exe
This file runs with windows startup. I have deactiveted it but it still runs, as soon as I terminate the process which renames itself as iexplore.exe, the process starts again and I m not able to delete the extra error slow.exe
There is another exe called surf slow.exe. I have the same prob with that file... I dunno how to delete...

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by gziv In reply to How to kill process?

What OS are you running?
A few things you should try:

1. run MSCONFIG, and remove what you don't want running at the StartUp tab (also check the Services tab for anything suspicious)
2. kill the explorer.exe process, then those "slow" processes. start a new cmd process and change to the folder you mentioned, and delete those programs. Once that's done, strt a new "explorer" process to get your computer back on its feet. a restart is also recommended here.

Hope this helps.

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by rease In reply to

Well answer #1 helped me... i ran msconfig, and disabled the slow application, and restartet my pc, after that the process didnt start up and i easily deleted the .exe files...
Very thx ZG

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by wlbowers In reply to How to kill process?

Turn off system restore if it is used in your os.

Download, update, and run the following.

Your Antivirus Software



This item will not update through the program. You have to download the new version.

Look for the file in English CWShredder.exe


StartUpList is information only. Startup, Registery, and others. You can?t fixanythingfrom within the program.

Hijack This:

Hijack This
This program is useful in that it shows what is currently loading on startup. You must know what is good and what is bad. Once you check it and fix it is gone. So be sure. Items you are not sure of do a Google search for them.

Run Your Antivirus again

Download and install all OS updates.

I have had to boot into safe mode and run these.

Good Luck Lee

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by CG IT In reply to How to kill process?

further after turning OFF system restore and to kill a process, do the CTL+ALT+DEL to bring up the task manager, find your process and right click and choose end "process tree". This will stop ALL processes running including subroutines.

run your antivirus program, all the mentioned spyware removal programs and uninstall the offending program.

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by rease In reply to How to kill process?

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