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How to know if the motherboard is dead?

By fabio9999 ·
I recently did some changes to my comp, swap some harddisk. Then the comp kant boot up. i try to re-install window XP but nothing happens. I unplug all the cables, running the comp raw only on motherboard but nothing appear on the monitor. I removed the cmos battery and replace a new one, also nothing happen. So is the motherboard dead?

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by vak042 In reply to How to know if the mother ...

First, please check the power. If the power is ok then check the biggest chip on mainboard. If that chip is not deformed but can't see anything. So your mainboard is died.
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by XT John In reply to How to know if the mother ...

Try another power supply before totally ruling out the motherboard. Try different RAM, and then try booting without RAM to see if there's an audible BIOS error (beeps) Does the MB have a built in speaker? Are you getting any BIOS beeps? Does the MB have an LED light on it? Is it lighting? If after all these things check out,pop a spare video card to pop in an expansion slot, to rule out the onboard video.

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by fabio9999 In reply to How to know if the mother ...

The power supply is ok, the ram are ok, there is no beep sound at all. I tried a new graphic card but nothing works

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by cmiller5400 In reply to How to know if the mother ...

Well if you followed all the prior instructions, then it sounds like your mainboard is fried. Are there any noticible burn spots on the board? Any burst capacitors?

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