How to know the total number of pages printed from a Toner?

By shekhar.chatterjee ·
I am having three laser printers, two of them are Hp Laserjet P1005 with the Toner 35A and a HP Laserjet 1018 with the Toner 12A.
Now, I just like to know how many pages printed from a particular toner.
Please guide me a way?

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Unfortunately there is no easy answer for this question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to know the total num ...

The Pages per Toner Cartridge is a theoretical Number that is based on a 5% Coverage of the Page by that Toner Cartridge. That is normal print and it gives around 5% of the total page area as Toner when you are talking Black Text. Naturally that is a Black Toner.

When you start to print Pictures the page count drops dramatically as the number of pages you can get from an individual Toner Cartridge.

The only real way to check is to make a note of the Page Counter when you fit a new Cartridge and when it runs out to read the Page Count again and subtract the first from the last read of the Page Counter. That will give you how many pages that, that Toner Cartridge printed but if you refile that Cartridge it may be less the next time it all depends on what is being printed.

Fort instance if you are a Medical Center printing Prescriptions you would get far more than the stated 5,000 Pages as there are only a fewer lines of printing on each page. But if you are a Legal Firm who prints Court Papers with Photos you will get far less overall than the 5,000 pages per cartridge as the Photos consume a lot more toner.

Then you have to consider that as the Drums get older their ability to cleanly pickup Toner from the Cartridge diminishes so a refilled Toner will print fewer pages per toner than a new cartridge.


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