How to know which file is being executed?

By sui-sum.fok ·
Hello expert,

I forget the name of the free software that it can tell which files are currently running in windows.


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Process Explorer

by doyle.jack In reply to How to know which file is ...

Take a look at Process Explorer (

See if that helps.

Jack Doyle, Systems Engineer
ScriptLogic Corporation

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by sui-sum.fok In reply to Process Explorer
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How to check their activity?

by Tom Friedriks In reply to How to know which file is ...

Usually its also useful to check what they actually do on the system. Which objects are accessed by a started process? That can be done with another tools from Microsoft Windows Internals, called FileMon and RegMon. I use them to troubleshoot software freeze and crashes. Regmon is also usefull to check why application stopped from starting after you did some update of another software. Sometimes update changes registry key what's was used by this stopped application too, and regmon reveals that stopped application queries registry for non-existing key parameter. I also recommend you to look at PsList wich allows to view thread details.

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