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How to like new job and IT?

By bookworm.isiah ·

I am a recent graduated student. I face a couple of dilemmas. First i keep asking is IT for me. I grew tinkering with computers and after high school decide to go college for networking. i enjoyed it the first year and half or so. but towards the end i wanted to just get it over (was real hard to stay focused) with and was sick of quitting every time something got hard in life.

Flash forward a week after graduation i landed a part-time/as needed PC repair tech position at a local warehouse. i first it was confusing i had not real world exp in fixing workstations and or configuring network devices (SOHO) and over time it became easy to solve problems.

So last month on a whim i applied for a enterprise field technical service analyst at a Microsoft data center. I was not sure what it was but when i saw Microsoft i envision a Hogwarts for geeks lol. I was wrong, so wrong! the people there are borderline soulless, as if some demon sucked all the life out of them.

So i started yesterday. i thought my job would be nothing but server management with nice colorful Gui's and some networking. Wrong again I learn that the job would detail 100% hardware and spending hours in rooms with warring fans trying to see whats wrong with a "sled". i find it all confusing and it seems from what i have been told a dead in IT job. I can't quit because i have put my self in debt to move closer and don't want disappoint my family.

I am tired of quitting at things in life before i even give them a true chance. i wanna find a job in IT that is for a people person as my self and excel at my current ones.

Any body been in my shoes?

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We all have to start somewhere

by mjd420nova In reply to How to like new job and I ...

At the beginning of every career are those times where you feel like you're getting the dirty end of the stick. It's true, we all started at the bottom and had to do some pretty lousy jobs along the way. Think of it as training. Excel at what tasks you'll be given and as you advance you'll find those nasty jobs will get assigned to another beginner and you progression will continue. Trivial details need to be given equal consideration.

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