How to limit bandwith of adsl broadband for the users in a home network?

By Dhool ·
I'm having a 1Mbps adsl internet connection shared by 4 users, my pc is connected via ethernet cable & the rest of them were wirelessly. If any user starts downloading or online streaming videos i can't even browse a page. Is there any option that i can limit the bandwith usage for the each users connected to the network.

My router is aztech 4port adsl2 wireless router.

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You need a router with QOS

by TobiF In reply to How to limit bandwith of ...

Read about openwrt, dd-wrt, polarcloud tomato, then get a suitable router and configure it.
I managed to solve a similar situation with tomato wrt on a linksys wrt54gl. Very nice interface.

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Agree with TobiF

by exxpl0it In reply to How to limit bandwith of ...

Just as TobiF stated:

Re-flashing a suitable router with open source firmware will give you fantastic control over the users that are connected. Read up on the firmwares listed above, and look for the proper linksys router to handle this. You can setup scheduled time throttling as well, which is a nice feature if you want them to be able to download at 100% from 2am-6am, and then have limits the rest of the day so users can still browse the internet.

If these are room-mates, be aware that this may cause some issues though as you are each paying for the connection equally. You may need to just have a talk and tell them to limit downloading to when others are sleeping.

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