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How to limit your career with Vista

By SentryWatch ·
"Register within 30 days or the lights might go out on your career if you don't have a valid version ............ "

For a career limiting move make sure that you don't let staff install Vista in your office hacked and cracked. If you do then see how long you survive in the IT industry!"

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It goes without saying

by SciFiMan In reply to How to limit your career ...

Of course. Why would a legitimate company with professional IT people start installing cracked versions of Vista. There isn't any rush to get it out on the desktops, at least not here in the USA. We can all start our testing with a couple legal copies and go from there. There will be a slow and careful migration to Vista in the western business world.

I didn't read the article past the second page because it was so obviously slanted it couldn't stand on it's own. I'm not sure the point you are trying to make but some employee installing an illegal copy would have zero effect on my career. Same as it he installed an open wireless or porn server in his cubicle.

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What is this a timewarp

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How to limit your career ...

Who lets users install operating systems?

How would one workstation cripple your business, if it did why shouldn't be crippled since you've stolen the OS?

I read the document, completed waste of bytes and my time that was.

PS who wrote the start up routine for acrobat reader, he should be shot. Loads and initialises 15 apis before it knows they are required. Juvenile cruft.

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