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How to load a Windows 7 JBOD system image into a RAID 0?

By 9Shenandoah ·
I have a Windows 7 OS install on a single Hard Drive.
I would like to take that system image and load it onto a pair of new Raid 0 drives using something like Acronis Disk Imager.
Unfortunately I can't figure a way of slipping the Windows 7 Raid 0 driver into the image that I will load onto the new pair of Raid 0 drives.
That's because this Raid 0 driver loads during the Windows 7 installation process when Windows 7 stops and pauses and asks you for the driver.
Any ideas?

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I can't see why not.

by jck In reply to How to load a Windows 7 J ...

I would think Windows 7 would detect the RAID.

If you got a installable card, try putting it in before you backup. Win 7 should detect it and ask to load drivers.

If you have on-board RAID, see if the manufacturer has an installer for the drivers for your RAID controller. Or, you might have a CD that lets you load the RAID drivers that came with your motherboard.

Then, image the Win 7 install which would now have the RAID drivers installed (but not active) with Acronis, shutdown, install and setup your RAID configuration, then boot from the Acronis disc and restore the image to the RAID.

I'm pretty sure that should work. You could always google the phrase "restore an image to raid"

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Thanks Joe

by 9Shenandoah In reply to I can't see why not.

I can't think of anyway to slip the motherboard's raid 0 driver into the image. Its not part of an .exe file.
And if the image doesn't have the Raid 0 driver, it won't boot. Of course it doesn't hurt to try, maybe I will get an error msg, but I think I will get the famous blue error screen.

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you should be able to manually install them

by jck In reply to Thanks Joe

IF it's on-board RAID on the motherboard, try installing RAID drivers for Windows even though you have no RAID configured.

I think that makes them there but inactive.

That might work.

Good luck.

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Just place them into the System32\drivers Directory?

by 9Shenandoah In reply to you should be able to man ...

Just place them into the System32\drivers Directory? That sounds logical.

Hope I dont get that dreaded Blue Screen

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not manually copying files

by jck In reply to Just place them into the ...

If your RAID controller is on your motherboard, more than likely there is a "setup.exe" program on a CD that came with your motherboard that will have various installers. One of them should be meant to install the RAID drivers. Look for it, and if you find something to install the RAID drivers for your controller then do it.

Usually, drivers can be loaded under an operating system and registered but no hardware required to utilize them. Then when hardware is detected, the appropriate driver is available and usable by said hardware.

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