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How to lock up a keyboard

By marknave ·
I have three computers, two using windows 2000 pro and one using xp pro. I have a toddler that tries to play with the keyboard, but I worry she is going to mess up thinhgs. So, is there a command in 2000 and xp that will lock the keyboard so it won't work?

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more of a Tech Q&A, but

by jmgarvin In reply to How to lock up a keyboard
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Keyboard lock

by robmcinnes In reply to How to lock up a keyboard

We maybe talking about two different things, but have you tried CTRL+ALT+DELETE?

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for Xp

by peter In reply to Keyboard lock

hitting the windows key ( flag key ) & the L key, locks the screen & hitting said keys again unlocks the screen again. The same as Ctl/Alt/Del and clicking on the "lock" button, just in fewer steps.

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Are you sure

by robmcinnes In reply to for Xp

I just tried your method of "Locking Windows" and it prompts me to log off?!

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by peter In reply to Are you sure

If your logged in on Xp as Admin, then it will request log off.

It will do the same if you are connected to the internet or are running another program at the same time.

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KEY Lock and WorkStation lock are Different

by karlinge In reply to How to lock up a keyboard

Locking your keyboard is not the same as logging off or securing your workstation. Please tell us which keys to hit (that are NOT Ctrl/Alt/Del) to LOCK and UNLOCK the Keyboard itself, not the screen.

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have you considered

by DanLM In reply to How to lock up a keyboard

Going to walmart and buying a 10 dollar keyboard and just giving it to your 2 year old to play with?

Here honey, just like daddy has. Now you have one too.

Just a sugestion.


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I've done that :)

by ltorrez1 In reply to have you considered

Worked great until my daughter realized it was not doing anything to the screen (smart kid) :)

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Toddler Keys

by missmontenaro In reply to I've done that :)

Try this - it's free, and it works:

Toddler Keys is a useful tool for parents that allows you to lock your computer keyboard, CD drive doors and power-off button. When the keyboard is used it will display images and play sounds every time a key is pressed, thereby preventing access to the desktop and applications, while adding some entertainment value for the kid. You can select the images and sounds to be used by copying them to the Toddler Keys folder. To exit the locked screen, just type the word QUIT.

I actually call it kitten keys because I have to use it when our LOLkitten decides I've had enough time on the pc and jumps all over the keyboard. It's good because it actually does something when the keys are pressed

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RE: Toddler Keys

by n_ender_n In reply to Toddler Keys

This is great! Very useful little program.

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