How to login to a domin via vpn.

By tyris_02 ·
I'm trying to figure out why my laptop will not see the domain at my office... I have a Linksys Rv082 router. I have hotbrick software on the laptop for the vpn connectivity. If I am logged in to the local machine, the vpn tunnel connects fine no problem, but I can't get it to connect to the vpn tunnel prior to me logging in. I am connect to the internet on a wireless sprint novatel modem, and it appears to establish connectivity with no problem before logging in. There is an option in hotbrick to make it connect prior to login, but that doesn't appear to be working. Is there anything I have to do prior to logging in so that I can log directly into the domain?



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by dan.cox In reply to How to login to a domin v ...

We had similar issues with our users on Rogers.
We had to hardcode on their machines a DNS setting from both their home connection as well as the office DNS server. Then they were able to connect.
I have no idea if you are having the same issue we are having but maybe take a look at that.

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