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How to love new job and IT?

By bookworm.isiah ·
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I am a recent graduated student. I face a couple of dilemmas. First i keep asking is IT for me. I grew tinkering with computers and after high school decide to go college for networking. i enjoyed it the first year and half or so. but towards the end i wanted to just get it over (was real hard to stay focused) with and was sick of quitting every time something got hard in life.

Flash forward a week after graduation i landed a part-time/as needed PC repair tech position at a local warehouse. i first it was confusing i had not real world exp in fixing workstations and or configuring network devices (SOHO) and over time it became easy to solve problems.

So last month on a whim i applied for a enterprise field technical service analyst at a Microsoft data center. I was not sure what it was but when i saw Microsoft i envision a Hogwarts for geeks lol. I was wrong, so wrong! the people there are borderline soulless, as if some demon sucked all the life out of them.

So i started yesterday. i thought my job would be nothing but server management with nice colorful Gui's and some networking. Wrong again I learn that the job would detail 100% hardware and spending hours in rooms with warring fans trying to see whats wrong with a "sled". i find it all confusing and it seems from what i have been told a dead in IT job. I can't quit because i have put my self in debt to move closer and don't want disappoint my family.

I am tired of quitting at things in life before i even give them a true chance. i wanna find a job in IT that is for a people person as my self and excel at my current ones.

Any body been in my shoes?

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