How to lower CPU temps?

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I have an Intel core i7 @7700hz. I have recently upgraded my GPU from a GTX 1070 to an EVGA 2070 Super. In doing so, I’ve noticed that under certain loads (specifically when playing Horizon Zero Dawn) my CPU temps can reach the mid to high 80’s Celsius. The cooling system is a standard water cooling system that came stop with the PC (from Cyber Power PC). I have tried lowering graphic settings in this game, and underclocking the new GPU, but with no results. I have assured that there is plenty of temperature gel applied to the CPU, and the cooling system is installed and working properly. Is there anything else I could do to reduce the max temps of the CPU under this heavy load? How effective would installing a newer cooling system be in this situation?
Thank you very much for any responses.
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How to control CPU Temperature

by workaroundtc1 In reply to How to lower CPU temps?

You can follow Greg, he is good in his work
and also watch the video related to the problem you are facing

Here are some solutions which I have done on my brother pc. You can check if these can fix your issue.

1. Add more fans to your case. It is very important where you set up your fans. you can search on youtube "Where to install fans for poitive airflows."

2. If your current fan can't cool down your pc, change it. I would recommend you to switch to aftermarket cooler such as Hyper EVO 212

3. Watercool. it would cost a lot and takes a lot of the time. Sometimes this is the only way to solve the issue.

4. The last thing most of us don't think about is updating our software/driver. Sometimes there are some software running in the background consume a lot of CPU power to check this, you can open task manager a full assessment

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by NEILYOH In reply to How to lower CPU temps?

add a fan , keep case sides off, put a higher volume water pump with a larger resivoir

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