how to make a cell relation

By moselevy ·
In Excel 2000 I use many sheets in the same file.
I need to insert many data (name, address, postal code, etc) that are on a (B) sheet in another (A) sheet.
To obtain this, when I am in the (A) sheet I put a " = " in the cell (1) and after I click on a cell(2) in sheet (B) that contains the name. So I get inserted the content of the cell (2) of the (B) sheet in the (A) sheet.
Question: since the data (name, address, postal code, etc) in the (B)sheet are all on the same row and I have to insert all of them in the (A) sheet in different cells, can I build a relation so to get all the data inserted with 1 or 2 clicks?
I hope the question is enough clear,
thank for the attention,
best regards,
Moise Levy, Milano, Italy

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Look for a "paste link"

by jdclyde In reply to how to make a cell relati ...

Don't have the program in front of me, but you should be able to select a range, copy, switch to the destination and select a paste link or look under paste special for an option to do the same.

Good luck.


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