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    How to make a good r?sum?


    by jfsalazar ·

    I would be interested in getting some opinions, and why not? some examples, about doing some good r?sum?s.

    What types of r?sum?s do exist? Is it recommended to have more than one versi?n depending on the job applied?

    I have got an old-fashioned, chronological r?sum? (personal, academic, jobs and titles, references) that I find good *but* peers tell me that there are new more impacting formats.

    Thank you in advance for your replies and help,

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      You should have a few resumes

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to How to make a good r?sum?

      It depends on the job you are applying for. I have been a contractor for consulting companys and on my own. Have a general resume for jobs that do not have a good job discription and a couple of resumes that are job Specific. I now have a full time job that used this resume body.

      Over 5 years of professional industry experience that includes computer setup, training and troubleshooting. Experience includes configuring, trouble shooting and installing networking protocols. Three years experience in setting up, maintaining and trouble shooting Windows servers, from NT 3.5 to Windows 2000. Two years experience in servers for communications links, wireless networking, UPS service, scheduling service, electronic mail, software applications, printing services, file services and any other services it might need. I have also helped with security, helped setting up firewalls and IDS systems. Upgraded servers to the newest service packs and added servers like a Norton Antivirus server to the farm and configured it to update all servers and users with a script. Help users on any problem they might have with their systems.

      I belong to several on line services,,,
      I am also an MCP, MCSE, NET+, Security+, CNCA, and a A+ Certified Technician.

      I can setup and use any network system. Including NetWare and Unix. I have some training with Linux both Redhat and SUSE. I have just installed Redhat 8.0 server, Websphere, Visual age, IBM DB2 and Lotus Domino server on a server for a user/friend for research in programming with Linux.

      While with TekSystems I have migrated users from NT workstations to XP workstations and upgraded computers and laptops. I also worked with Techsolve to install the Missing Child computer systems and hardware, printers and scanners in police stations around the St Louis area.

      I can Install, configure and diagnose WN 95/98/ME, DOS, NT, Server/Pro and Win 2000 Server/Pro.

      Application setup and configuration on WN 95/98/ME, WN NT and Win 2000 Server/Pro.
       Set up terminals at remote locations. Remote administration and control.
      Set up and maintained Ethernet Networking (hubs, switches, routers).
      Installed and replaced disk drives, memory, NIC adapters and other PC components
      Repaired/reset terminals and modems, made patch cables.
      Skills PROFILE

      Hardware/OS Systems: Dell, HP, IBM, White box, Windows, 3.11, 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000.
      Databases: Access, Excel, ODBC, SQL
      Other: Linux, Red hat, OS2
      Able to learn and use any O/S or system I can get to.


      Phoenix Photography St. Louis MO.
      05/04 – Present $65.00 Hrly
      Computer consultant On call
      Inspect and remove all non-supported software/ spyware and virus.
      Provide support (hardware and software) for 30+ PC?s, laptops, and four servers Windows 2000.
      Provide installation and upgrades to workstations and servers.
      Provide upgrades and PC patching updates.
      Provide 24/7 on-call support.
      Help with buying a support antiviral and patching software programs.

      Ma Petite St. Louis MO.
      2004- Present $45.00 Hrly
      Computer Consultant On call 24/7
      Cleaned and reinstalled a Windows 2000 server and all software. Then added three workstations to the domain. And reinstalled network printers, scanners, card readers and Black ice firewall.
      Set up V.P.N. networking for them to use while on the road. Did a site survey to set up a wireless network and setup security settings on all devices.
      Added a print server and antiviral software on all connected computers.

      TekSystems St. Louis, MO.,
      Contract worker 6/2002 ? 2/2004
      Computer Consultant

      Was Assigned to St. John?s Mercy Hospital
      Migrated customer from NT workstations to XP. 2000+ users.
      I have been the main person that this company has called back for all upgrades and help when their staff was backlogged.
      Personally re imaged 2000+ computers (new and used) from RI.S. (Remote Imaging Software).
      Providing training/mentoring for users.
      Worked closely with users providing technical support. Extensive phone and desk side support
      Desk side support for 2000+ users. Responded and resolved technical problems.
      Use Peregrine software to responds to Help Desk trouble tickets.
      AWD (proprietary software) used to change print queue from 800 x 400. This was an enormous printing time saving feature. Consisted of 90+ users at the headquarters and hospital. This is desk side configuration and support.
      Installed 50+ Dictaphone transcription machines.
      Installed hardware/software.
      Configured new installs and migrations.
      Work with Novell 5.x and had to trouble shoot problems with the connection, intermittent connection or lost connection.
      Assisted with a Sun O/S system migration and helped users with the newer version.
      Used Active Directory. Moved users between OUs. Checked user rights, security profiles.
      Responsible for R.A.S. communication for users who work from home. Configured systems for remote access. Responsible for granting user accesses to the servers. I Reimaged 150 Kiosk computers and using a VB script to limit use of these computers. Also checked all programs if they did not work I would trouble shoot and fix or replace the computer.
      Helped with moves and complete setups for training classrooms. Add/remove network cables and routers.
      I have been the only person from the first roll out that has been called back on a regular basis.
      I do the job and complete it with in the time frame that is accepted.

      Shriner?s Hospital St. Louis, MO.,
      11/2000 ? 6/2002
      Computer Technician/ backup Administrator
      Responsible for phone and end-user support on Microsoft products and MAC users.
      I was the first contact for problems with the computer/network.
      Systems included older Apple systems and the newer I Mac?s.
      Provided help desk and desk side support for approximately 250-400 users.
      Responsible for technical supports on all computers and HP printers.
      Responsible for server support on 12 servers, one 3M Coding server, one Exchange Server, two file servers, two Internet servers and the remainder are file servers for various departments.
      Used Veritas backup and Backup exec to back up all servers. Responded to all alerts.
      Responsible for R.A.S. communication for users who work from home. Configured systems for remote access. Responsible for granting user access to the servers.
      Responsible for installation and configuration of new hardware and software for
      Responsible for setup of Outlook and Exchange map drives for new and current users.
      Responsible for setup and testing of Hippa standards on all computers and servers.
      Responsible for service packs and implementing them on NT and Win2000 servers.

      United Parcel Service St. Louis, MO
      Field Service Technician

      Responsible for set up and troubleshooting of computers for UPS clients at a number of locations throughout the greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area.
      Responsible for loading NT 4.0 operating system on the computer as well as UPS Proprietary software to assist clients in their shipping needs.
      Responsible for configuring network connections to the NT software and troubleshooting any related problems.
      Responsible for set up and troubleshooting of printers including: thermal, dot Matrix and HP laser.

      Vatterott College Sunset Hills, MO
      4/1999 Associate Degree, Computer Electronics & Networking Technology

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        That’s a great r?sum?!

        by jfsalazar ·

        In reply to You should have a few resumes

        Thanks for your answer, it was really of help! I’m surprised you fit in just two pages all that experience!!!

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      Just a couple of tips

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to How to make a good r?sum?

      First of all I have several resumes depending on the type of work I am looking for. This way only relevant info is provided up front and the holes can be filled in during a personal interview.

      Another little thing I do is place company logos in color before each job listing. The use of logo’s makes for instant recognition of your work and looks really sharp against other resumes without overdoing it.

      Good luck

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