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How to make a RW CD-ROM work?

By Frogwillie2001 ·
I am running win XP-Pro.
Everytime I reboot a message pops up stating.
Your CD recording divice has been disable
as it will cause windows to become unstable.
Or something much like that.

How can I get my CD-ROM to let me copy thing to a disk?

I have try three different makes and everytime it comes up with "there is no disk in".

I even try to d/l new drivers and nothing will work for me.

I am tryint to copy some pictures and a few files on to some disk to clean up some space.

Hope someone can help?

Thanks for any help I can get,

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Is this CDRW device on Microsoft's Hardware Compatibility List?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to How to make a RW CD-ROM w ...

Just because it's out there doesn't mean it has been certified by MS to work with XP. You may need to check on Microsoft's HCL website to determine if your device is supported, or you may even need to go to website of the drive manufacturer and download a firmware update. Does your BIOS recognize the drive? Is the drive detected when you boot into safe mode? What software are you using to burn CDs'?

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This post belongs in the Questions forum

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to How to make a RW CD-ROM w ...

If you have a problem or are seeking specific technical information, please select ?Ask a Question.? The Questions forum is a faster and more efficient way to get specific, problem-solving feedback from other TechRepublic members. Please reserve the ?Start a Discussion? option for discussions only.

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