How to make Auto-generated Form with Fixed Labels?

By Qaswarah ·
Hello guys.

I'm kinda new to Excel, and I need your help.

So, I need to instruct a form-like sheet in Excel to be as follows:

[table="width: 500, class: outer_border, align: center"]
[td]"product A"[/td]
[td]"product B"[/td]

The current situation:
  • I have the products already listed alongside their prespective codes in Sheet1, and I already established a successful formula to calculate the pricing and so on...

The required results:
  • I want a formula to lookup in a certain row (starting from a certain column and to infinity) to check for the entered values, and return them into the table in Sheet2 in the column titled quantity (each quantity in a separate row if possible).
  • In the column titled Name I need to list the corresponding product-names each a cell after its own needed quantity.
  • Obviously, I need to enlist the product-codes for the corresponding products into the column titled Code.
  • And clearly, the fourth column titled Price is for the corresponding product-prices each in front of each's product code.

What I have in mind:
  • I thought of using an if statement different in each column, i.e. in the "Quantity" column and is changed correspondingly for the other columns, structured as follows:

  • if the selected range has an entered value; return the values found (each in a separate row in the same column, if no value is found it would return "blank" or a dash, i.e. "-";

  • the other three columns would just have different range matrices but it would be the same structure.

I think the problem is just finding the structure of the needed equation for one of the columns or even for one cell in each column; as each column might have at most 20 rows that can be easily edited whenever required.

Thanks for whoever can help.

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