How to make bootable dvd for linux

By dj_digvijay ·
hello sir,
I got a the dvd of linux 5 from my clg. and since i was nt having installed nero at that time so i just copied all the files to my lappy.
Now I want to make bootable dvd for it.
I am using nero 8.
How should i proceed.

Thanku in advance.

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That won't don't have a copy of the boot sector...

by robo_dev In reply to How to make bootable dvd ...

You need to get an ISO and burn the ISO image to DVD. Then you get a bootable DVD.

One possibility to to use a software package like deep-burner to create an ISO from the DVD.

But your best bet is just to download an ISO directly and burn the DVD from there.

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by tardcart In reply to That won't don ...

There are places on the interwebs to download the necessary boot sector, but it takes a bit of technical knowhow with nero to make it bootable. Read about "slipstreaming" service packs into XP. There are a number of tutorials that explain the hows and whys of making the new disk bootable.

But I agree completely with robo on this one, you're way better off downloading a new iso. The best place i've found for linux distros is

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