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How to make employers aware of the lies on a resume?

By Canuckster ·
I interviewed for a job which I could do in my sleep. It was a mat-leave contract and the requirements were basic enough, and the people made for a great environment, so that I was actually looking forward to going to work every day. But after getting past the second interview stage, complete with smiles and pats on the back, I was informed I was not the chosen candidate. With the help of some insider information I discovered that 2 people had finished ahead of me in the selection process. Each in turn was allowed to start the work and were then let go as it turned out that each had mis-represented their skills during the interview process. It was obvious they were not capable of doing the work being requested of them. Besides making a mockery of the selection process I find this a disturbing trend. It is hard enough to find employment in today's marketplace without having to deal with the liars and cheats. How does one go about talking to potential employers about this? Do people really think they can get away with dishonesty about their skill sets?

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Slippery slope

by Fregeus In reply to How to make employers awa ...

Although I share your frustration regarding this issue, I fear that talking to potential employers about your competition lying on their resume, without any proof, can do more harm than good.

You may be seen as a disgruntle or possible disgruntle employee. A whiner, a lazy tech who points out fault in others instead of good in you.

I think you have to have faith in the system and hope that the interviewer know how to spot a fake when one presents itself to him.

I personally cannot see how any good can come of this.


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I don't think the candidates can influence that

by JamesRL In reply to How to make employers awa ...

Hopefully someone in that organization will realize the mistakes they made and look for ways to improve before they make another hire.

But trying to talk to employers about other candidates and potential lies on their resume will not fly and could get you out of the running. What you are saying to the hiring manager is that he/she is incompetent, and there is no way to make that work for you.

I see people get away with murder on their resumes. I do my best to sort it out. I once spotted a resume from someone I had known from a previous employer. I hadn't known him well, but had formed an impression. When I saw a manager title gained at about the time I left that employer, I was very suprised. So I called a former peer who worked in the same area, who was a manager. He confirmed my fear that this charecter had never held a supervisory or managerial title nor would he have been considered. I emailled this guy and he said I was misinformed. We agreed he would withdraw his application.


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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to How to make employers awa ...

Whatever you say, it's going to look like sour grapes. Be assured that you'll be on the top of the list when Thing 1 and Thing 2 crash and burn. It might not even take much, just somebody realizing that nobody has 25 years experience in XML or JavaScript.

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The only way to successfully misrepresent

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How to make employers awa ...

yourself in an interview is to be interviewed by an incompetent.

Fix the problem not the symptom.
I bet they were both asking for less than you....

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I had a similar situation

by JackOfAllTech In reply to How to make employers awa ...

As you might guess from my Username, I know a lot about a few things and a little about a lot of things so I can talk to just about any tech dept in their own language. I'm an in-house consultant for a large bank and, although they know I know *nix, they thought they wanted a Unix guru. The guy they hired kept coming to me for help. I finally asked him about his qualifications and he told me "you can put anything on your resume"

I refused to speak to him again and he was soon fired.

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