How to: Make router get internet connection from computer?

By geekman314 ·
So, I have a computer with an internet connection. Is there anyway that I could, using an old router connected to my computer, broadcast the internet connection?
So the connection would go:
Wifi device -> Router -> My computer -> Internet.

Remember, I already have internet on my computer, and their is no way i could get the connection directly on the router. I want to know if there is anyway to transfer the connection through my computer, for the router to use.

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Sharing an Internet Connection

by nrmcewen In reply to How to: Make router get i ...

Many operating systems can share internet connections. For Windows XP you could look here

In my experience this is not very good. You would be far better sorting out a router connection if possible

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Sharing an Internet Connection

by saladin57 In reply to How to: Make router get i ...

Yes I am currently doing this:
Internet connection (via usb wireless modem) to XP PC
>> ethernet cable to router to share connection (my router supports ethernet + wireless)
>> wifi connection from router to android tablet (this allows tablet to use internet without needing a separate internet plan).
It all seems to be secure - I tried to hack the signal with another computer to test, it wouldn't let me in. It is a bit tricky - - this gives you the basics, but you have to know which bits to do, or not do, depending on your situation.
My only issue is that I have to recreate the shared network every time I turn on PC - this only takes about a minute - but I think I should be able to save it and just activate it when I need it. Still looking for how to do that.

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