How to make running computation/accounting?

By bernard1no ·
How to make running computation/accounting so that I will just add expenses daily and have them ready anytime?
So that I get to see in one glance how much I spent in the first week of the month or in the eleventh day of the month or in a particular month without having so many computations. I just want to enter all the expenses as they come to make the current total of expenses available anytime and eventually making my tracking of expenses against the money withdrawn quick and easy. Can anyone tell me how to do it in Excel (Microsoft 2007)?
Thanks a lot.

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in excel

by PurpleSkys In reply to How to make running compu ...

create a column with all your individual expenses listed, using sum function, total them in the empty cell at the bottom. See tutorials here for more

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Buy Accounting Software.

by oldbaritone In reply to How to make running compu ...

Excel can do it, but it's not the proper tool for the long-term.

Buy a decent accounting package, and you'll be able to run queries such as you described, and it will be ready when you realize there are many more that you haven't thought of yet.

There are several SOHO/SMB accounting packages that are not too expensive. Talk to your accountant and get the one that's compatible to their setup, and you'll probably save money by giving your accountant analysis-ready data, instead of a shoe box full of receipts or an incompatible Excel spreadsheet that they must print and re-enter.

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