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How to make telnet works

By eepep2001 ·
Hi, my friends

I just setup two RH 7.1 servers, the IP are subnet mask are They can ping to each other but can’t telnet. I checked the /sysconfig/ipchains file both set to ACCEPT to port 23 and 0:1023. They are all in each hosts list, and when I install server, I select mid firewall and allow telnet, ftp, dhcp…

Would you tell what I had to do and how to do it?



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How to make telnet works

by alveden In reply to How to make telnet works

Check whether telnet is enalbed or installed.

1. Check if there is a file named telnet in the /etc/xinet.d directory. If is exist, vi the file and look for the disable variable. It should look something like this

disable = yes

modify the yes to no and restart the xinetd daemon

service xinetd restart

If the telnet file does not exist, most probably telnet server is not install.

2. Check the packages install by

rpm -qa | grep telnet

check whether you see something like this "telnet-server-0.17-18". Note the version number might differ. If no telnet-server exist .. then you probably need install it.

If you verify both are in order, post a comment about your findings and we will work on from there.

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How to make telnet works

by alveden In reply to How to make telnet works

If by connecting all the different platfrom, you mean for file sharing purposes. I would suggest using samba.

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How to make telnet works

by eepep2001 In reply to How to make telnet works


Thank you very much! You help me setup telnet service!
Before I post my Q’s on this web, I asked many persons and check the Book about UNIX and Linux, but I couldn’t get the right answer.
I wonder how do you know this file and change the default setting. I was setup RH7.0, after Install, the telnet service just starts up by itself (after setup hosts&hellip
In my LAN, I have novell 5.0, winNT4.0, win200Pro and win2000 Server, I want to connect them together, would youget me some suggestion to do it -- How can I connect WinO/S to linux, Just by FTP and Telnet? How about novell? Not much book talk about this real case, thus I very hope you can help me!

Thanks again!


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